Thursday, 8 March 2007

Project Meeting: Scoping discussion

Finally made it to the Project Meeting in Stafford (althought 15 minutes late), after long delays on the road! Saw two crashes on the way!

The meeting was very productive as we discussion the scoping for the portal and what is should contain and why. The document that Mike, Dave and myself put together after our initial scoping meeting was very useful in answering some of the questions and the functionality of the portal.

We identified the Stakeholders and what should be seen by specific parties. The result of the meeting gave Sam much information in order to progress with the initial design views of the portal front end and the process needed for each stage of the development.

Action for all partner colleges is to produce three scenarios based on a tutor's perspective:

'What would you like to see pop up on the screen in the portal?'

These will be fed back via the Google Groups area for all to look at and discuss in advance of the next project meeting.

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