Friday, 23 March 2007

Anyone for Therapy?

On Wednesday this week Richard and I met with the students taking the Complementary Therapies Foundation Degree. We gave an outline of the project and had an informal discussion based around the questions we wanted to ask them. We then went to our LRC and the students used an online feedback form in Moodle to give us their responses.

During the informal bit we got the overall impression that the students could have done with much more information in advance of the course, especially information about what a Foundation Degree actually was and the the structure of the course they were about to embark on. It was also obvious from their replies that they would appreciate an online facility to communicate with their fellow students and those sitting the FD at other colleges. Right now this course does not use or Moodle VLE but we are taking steps to address this. This will deal quickly with online access to course materials and to communication tools for use within their course. However it won't deal with communication with students elsewhere unless we invite them onto our VLE. Either they need a Blackboard facility or of course they need the outputs from the project. I think it's touch and go as to which one comes first! (said slightly tongue in cheek).

The detailed feedback is available to the project team in our shared files area.

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