Friday, 28 March 2008

Pinning down the Employer!

On Thursday 20th March, we visited the Employer (a local architect with learners on the Construction Foundation Degree) to register and use the Support Point. The tutor on the FD course came along to observe the process with Fleur.

We gave the employer an introduction to the project and a project leaflet of what we are trying to achieve. We asked what support he was getting at present and he mentioned that over the last couple of years he has gained more communication with Shrewsbury College. He is keen to be involved with the College and the progress that his employees are making and is very happy to assist in any way he can. He gains regular feedback via the course tutor (a combination of face-to-face, emails and phone

There is a mentor system in place for all junior employees at the company. This is not a formal process.

To save some time in advance of the meeting we had already created a Life Ray account, just needing the employer to register on the Support Point. The process went well and the employer seemed interested in what was available and welcomed what the project was trying to achieve.

Next steps are to register the learners on the FD Award to the Support Point and evaluate the process. This is to be set up with the tutor after the Easter break.