Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Capturing Attendance

At the last project meeting we discussed the possibility of capturing attendance data from the relevant partner Colleges and adding this to the data stored in the Support Point.

I have just spoken with the MIS person at Shrewsbury College and he says that this is possible to save this data as a CSV file so we can upload the data regularly into the Support Point so that Mentors and Managers can see the specific data on their learners/employees with regards their attendance.

Some points to mention:

The attendance data is stored on our MIS at Shrewsbury, but it is stored as week numbers rather than dates. We are moving to a new version of Eclipse (MIS system), and we are hoping that it may then be stored by date. The attendance field is captured information direct from the online web registers and this could then be transfered into the Support Point. We are not sure how up to date the register attendance information will be as we are behind on some of our registers and the attendance records may not be as up date as we may need.

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Fleur said...

excellent! The fact that the data exists and we can access it is good news.