Monday, 9 June 2008

The Bloggers are back in Town!

Following last week's meeting we have been catching up with some actions.

We have rated both the Manager and Mentor sections of the Support Point and given explanations to our rated scores. I made contact with the MIS department to see if we could obtain attendance records for the Foundation Degree in Construction at the College. The person I need to speak to is away on holiday so I have set up a meeting to see if this is possible. We are confident that this is achievable.

We tried to set up another meeting for the learner's to evaluate the forum area of the Support Point but unfortunately they finished in early May and will not be returning for the next academic year until September. We have arranged a meeting with the tutor on the Foundation Degree course to discuss his common pattern of targetting groups. This is set for this week and we will summarise the outcomes of this meeting in the next blog.

We looked at the delivery of course information at Shrewsbury College and have provide the relevant URL for the FD course in Construction. I am not sure if the link will change when updates are made to the site, but for the time being it seems to be consistent.

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