Monday, 19 February 2007

The 'Three Fishes' meeting!

On 15th February 2007, three men met to discuss and agree a scoping document for the project:(Dave Shearan, Mike Parker and Richard Booth).

This was a very useful meeting, agreeing on a possible structure for the information portal.

In advance of the meeting, Richard and Dave used the scenarios from the project plan to try and understand what the portal would have to contain for the scenarios to work. This generated more questions than answers and provided a useful starting point for the scoping meeting.

The meeting wasn't easy! We had to keep telling ourselves to ignore things like design, where the data was going to come from and whether something was possible or not. The output from the meeting was a scoping requirements document which has now been uploaded to the project google groups file area.

We all rewarded ourselves with a much deserved pint of Three Fishes finest beer! (well, beers!)

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Hamza said...

Congratulation Guys, Intuitive interface and straight forward tool