Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Preparation for the Scoping Meeting

Richard and I had a 'happy hour' this morning going through the Project Plan word for word. As we read we tried to relate it to the scope of the project. We came up with a number of questions, the answers to which will hopefully help to understand the way in which the portal will work and be structured. These questions have now been posted in the WBL-Way Google group.

We've also been in touch with the staff involved with FDs to arrange another meeting with the stated purpose "for us to understand how 'work based learning' is going to work on your foundation degree, to get a little more information about the employer relationship and to find out if you would be willing to let us interview your students"

We are aiming to get these meetings completed within the next 10 days so that the results can also inform the scoping meeting on 8th March.

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