Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Deflated but not dismayed!

On Friday 23rd November Dave, Mike and Max met at Burton College to do another run through with the nursery manager. The experience left us deflated in more ways than one. Max's car had been abandoned in Tesco car park because of a puncture and LifeRay fell flat as well. We created a new account for Ruth which fell over (something temporarily unavailable) then registered her and it fell over (page not found). On both occasions a refresh or a logout/login appeared to get us over the two problems. Then we tried logging in as one of Ruth's students and picked up the ID to allow the employer (Ruth) to see her details. But when we then logged back in as Ruth the system for sharing the student ID was also temporarily unavailable.

So then we went and helped Max to get his puncture sorted - we probably spent more time doing that than using the access point. With that success behind us we went back to work, but what now for the pilot? - Well watch this space.

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