Tuesday, 16 October 2007

'Take me to the Pilot.. Take me to the Chamber!'

Dave and I met with Mike Parker at Burton to go through the process of creating an account on LifeRay and using the portal process. We expected that certain aspects of the system would not be in place, and wanted to test and detail.

It seems to be some problem with completing the portal details form to register as a manager. It kept delivering a blank page on submitting the completed details page..

We also had the good fortune to meet the manager of the Nursery who went through the process as well as one of the nursery assistants (who is a learner on the classroom assistant foundation degree course at Staffs Uni). They too experienced the same problems. The learner's Staffs Uni student number was identified and detailed some of the module and course details, but would not let us register the learner!

Dave and I have a meeting with the WBL-Way Project Manager tomorrow to go through this in more detail and hopefully iron out any problems before the pilot continues!

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