Thursday, 26 April 2007

Return to the fold!

Dave and I reviewed the responses from the Complementary Therapies online response form to see what materials could be developed for the project.

The learners would liked to have a full description of the course (module information, assignment schedule, etc). That was a unanimous response from all 6 learners so we are going to discuss this with their tutor with a view to developing this course-specific resource for next year.

The learners would also have appreciated a progression route from the foundation degree, so this is another possibility for the portal.

The Portal is looking really good, but we haven't been able to access RaysLife from within Shrewsbury because of a firewall issue, probably related to the use of the port in the URL. Dave managed to take a quick look from home last night before being dragged away by his wife. From what we see, we agree with Fleur's comments about the appearance - We like the way that it mirrors the web site.

We either need Stafford to release the site properly or we need the College to make a firewall change. We think that it may be quicker for Stafford to do the former!

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