Monday, 18 August 2008

At the crossroads: Progression Routes

We looked at the course descriptions in our College prospectuses, and talked to the learning services staff for information on progression routes. Our updated propsectus details some information about possible progression routes from Foundation Degrees. The learning services staff give individual help for learners as required and use a variety of methods to give help and advice, but nothing is documented or given out as standard for all learners.


Fleur said...

This is pretty much what we expected. The Learner handbook tells the learner about the different progression routes but little else. Does the learner have to initiate contact with the learning services staff? Is this encouraged at the start of a course to help with Module selection or after they have completed the award? How do the LS staff know how to guide the learners (what support are they given from the University)?
More importantly from the Support Point perspective - how is the prospectus built? Does the information sit in a database at the college and get delivered to the prospectus and the website? Is it just the prospectus that says about progression? Or does the university send out details of courses via email/letters/ word documents that get converted to College format?

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